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"Doctors create addiction through over-prescription" on May 13th 2016 CNN produced this one-hour documentary with Anderson Cooper and Dr. Sanjay Gupta.


There have been many articles and presentations sharing this current problem we have in the USA today. They also state that there are more deaths from this population than all other causes such as accidents and car crashes.

My concerns are that there was not one moment in that presentation to educate people about what alternatives they have to treat pain without drugs. No show, no article that I have watched has ever suggested to our population about what else can we do.

The National Institute of Health just released a study providing evidence for the existence of a non-opioid process in the brain to reduce pain through mindful meditation. It was published in the Journal of Neuroscience, March 26, 2016 conducted b Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center, F. Zeldan, Al Adler-Neal, RE Wells et al. 

I have been a psychologist and a professor at a graduate school for many years teaching treatment interventions. I use Biofeedback, Neurofeedback, Mindful Meditation and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for pain relief, anxiety and depression. The results have been very impressive and there are many doctors that refer patients to me that do not want to take drugs.

STEP FIVE:  Starts with our SOUL.  Learning to Love, connecting with Rumi’s poetry and be Love and connect with loving compassion to the universe. Using intuition, open channels, energy, art, and music.  Learning to Create your loving life, your personal masterpiece and work of art.

Biofeedback history and the roots of self-regulation go as far back as 5,000 years to the beginnings of meditation and various yoga techniques. The word "biofeedback" was coined in 1969.

The biofeedback techniques developed by Neal Miller, Jon Basmanjian, and Joe Kamiya doing research to teach people voluntary control over their stress. They found that with feedback people could be trained to control internal body systems such as blood pressure for instance and heart function. They did studies and showed that people can be taught to learn voluntary control over their skeletal muscles. They also investigated the internal world of perception and discovered that individuals could learn through EEG feedback to discriminate between brain wave states. 

While testing phrases designed or teach physical relaxation during autogenic training at the Menninger Foundation that skin temperature biofeedback training helped the volunteers to rid themselves of migraine headaches while they warmed their hands with the relaxation training. Biofeedback history progressed from research into clinical practice and today biofeedback is a well recognized tool for self-regulation and stress relief. According to the Mayo clinic, biofeedback is a useful complementary modality in treating more than 100 illnesses.

The use of Neurofeedback, regulation of brain waves has been most helpful for people with TBI and is a more recent intervention.

Mind relaxation and meditation has been used for many years and most people are now incorporating into their health management.

And Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is the framework we use to provide these treatment interventions.