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“Cancel the Pity Party”  by Lita Rawdin Singer, Ph.D.

The five steps to creating a life; Healing our mind, body, soul and spirit.

STEP ONE: It starts with our MIND.  How do you think, how do you monitor the voice inside your head, how do you see your options and make the proper choices. We also use cognitive behavioral therapy in this step.  How do you learn mindful breathing, visualizing, thought stopping, self-talk, and resiliency?

STEP TWO:  Starts with our BODY.  Awareness of stress and tension and pain in our body.  The emotional impact and how it affects our body. Learning to self-regulate using biofeedback
Relaxation training.  Listening to the signals of your body and
responding to them with relaxation and calmness.

STEP THREE:  Starts with our BRAIN.  Brain training equalizing the neural circuitry of the brain using Neurofeedback.  Learning calming methods, normalizing anxiety, depression, and focusing. 

STEP FOUR:  Starts with our SPIRIT.  Learning mindful meditation, cleaning out our channels, our chakras, and our
Spirit.  Doing mindful meditation, creative visualization, and          visual imagery.

STEP FIVE:  Starts with our SOUL.  Learning to Love, connecting with Rumi’s poetry and be Love and connect with loving compassion to the universe. Using intuition, open channels, energy, art, and music.  Learning to Create your loving life, your personal masterpiece and work of art.

We will have individual and group meetings at the Biofeedback Neurofeedback treatment center to guide us in this process of creating our life.  How does it work?  What is it?  What do we have to do?  Once we learn the skills and clean our channels and open our heart, just watch what happens!

“Cancel the Pity Party” is the book that accompanies this journey.  It will help you understand the tasks and road we must go on to get to Inner Peace. 

Individual therapy, and journey within, and group work, will be the key to helping you get to your inner peace.