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Lita Singer, Ph.D.

“In recognition and gratitude for her dedicated professional services to the Institute and to its students as an exceptional Instructor and expert in the field of Psychology, and for her leadership in providing Mental Health Services to the community at large. Her attitude is exemplary and is the work of a great teacher whose heart and soul and intellect impart the gifts of love and knowledge to students and faculty alike”.

  • California Graduate Institute Distinguished Professor Award
  • 1990 for Lita Rawdin Singer, Ph.D. “Lita Singer, Ph.D. whose efforts, skills, and talent epitomize the very finest in teaching and true caring for her students.
  • American Behavioral Studies Institute Teacher of the Year Award 2000 for Lita Rawdin Singer, Ph.D.

moon jellies monterey aqauriumLita Rawdin Singer, Ph.D. is a professor, psychologist, author and musician, as well as a fine art photographer whose mystical and powerful images have been exhibited, published and collected by art lovers all over the world. Articles about her life and work have been featured in major publications. She is an internationally recognized psychologist specializing in mindful cognitive therapy for families, couples and individuals, using Biofeedback as an adjunct. Her emphasis is using mindful cognitive therapy as an emotional fire drill for people to provide them with the resiliency and the ability to deal with life as it happens and keep them out of the Gray Zone.

Dr. Singer is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist Her professional background includes professor at California Graduate Institute for eighteen years and co-director of the School of Behavioral Medicine, Committee of Orals, Clinical Supervisor and served as professor at American Behavioral Institute for five years. She has been a reader and chairperson for over 100 doctoral dissertations and, and has presented papers at conferences and seminars promoting her work.

Dr. Singer has directed many groups over the years including the hugely successful “A Woman’s Journey Within” and is writing another book “Women of the World” using photographs, interviews, stories and her own personal experiences as psychologist, photographer, professor and world traveler.

solar eclipse larger taj mahal 2009She has worked as professional mentor for BRIDGES, an on-line classroom program connecting students from indigenous cultures with their urban contemporaries in the United States, India, Peru, Ecuador, Kenya, and Tibet, for the purpose of exploring and preserving cultural diversity, and families, utilizing photography, autobiography and the internet.

Dr. Singer’s has spent almost three decades in clinical practice with individuals, couples and families from ‘typical’ middle class individuals and multicultural families to some of the most distinguished members of the entertainment and professional communities. This has given her the experience and knowledge to present as a charismatic, popular educator, mentor and speaker. Her years of travel and exposure to a diversity of cultures, enables her to fully integrate western wisdom with eastern spiritual learning and make her a spell-binding speaker. It is this looking at the whole person, treating the physiological symptoms as well as the mental distress using a variety of modalities including biofeedback, and now neurofeedback that helps bring balance and health.

This is what she brings to her patients, her students, her colleagues, her readers, her family, her friends and to the universe.