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Adam Was Trapped Eve Was Framed

Five Steps to
Relationship Freedom


Nov 2008
Perfect Bound Softcover
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LITA RAWDIN SINGER, Ph.D. is a professor, psychologist, author and musician as well as a fine art photographer. She has traveled extensively leading professional study tours to China, Tibet, Nepal, Africa, Russia, South America, Turkey, India, Indonesia, Bali, Thailand, Singapore, Latvia, Estonia, Australia and New Zealand and throughout Europe.Her first career was as a stockbroker, one of the first women on Wall Street. She earned her BA and MA at California University, Northridge, and her doctorate in Psychology at California Graduate Institute. She is winner of the Distinguished Professor Award in 1990 and 2000. Involved in the research of 123 dissertations as chair and/or reader, and Co-Chair of the Department of Behavioral Medicine. Dr. Singer's three decades as a professor and in clinical practice working with individuals, couples and families has given her the practical experience and the knowledge to understand what is missing in individuals and couples and she is able to guide them to become physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually healthy. Her life is committed to teaching these skills. Originally from New York, she currently resides in Santa Barbara, California.

Most Helpful Customer Reviews

Format: Paperback

I have read many self help books, but this is the most helpful I have ever read. I really woke up! Life is in session....and I am Present NOW! The first section alone was worth the price of this book. It is a small book but huge in what it conveys. It is fun and easy to read, because you are a fly on the wall with Adam and Eve and Dr. Lita in session. It is easy to read and I learned so much. I never realized how stuck I was in my thinking, and this book helped me move into a more open position, so my boyfriend and I could actually sit down and talk and work things out. I learned to recognized how stressed I am and never in the moment, and I learned how to become mindful as did he. I learned how to becomie an observing ego, I learned how I attached as a child and that is repeated in adult relationships, I learned to identify my personality style, I learned how to be assertive, I learned how to communicate, how to listen and how to be spiritually open.

I realized that I was in a domination/submission relationship, that is why I was so depressed, the meds were not helping me much. The information and the tools that helped my partner and I move into a partnership relationship was the answer, and helped, and my energy came back and my depression was reduced.

I also re-established contact with a girlfriend of mine that I was having difficulty with and we met and sat down and were able to resolve it, so we have reconnected, and I have released the negative early childhood stuff that I was carrying. I feel free and have never been so happy, and yes, I am a Goddess.

I could not put it down, I had awareness and realizations every few pages, I knew some of this but it was good to hear it again clearly with the tools to help.Read more ›

By V Love MSN FNP-C on October 1, 2013
Format: Paperback

Just finished reading this amazing book. Words can not express how creative, enjoyable, and powerful this book was to me.

Very informative, educational and heartfelt

Each chapter guided me into old and new ways of thinking. A rebirth of who I am, not who I thought I was.

This beautiful book that Dr. Lita Singer has written has challenged me to be healthier and to take that journey within.


By E. Young on January 11, 2009
Format: Paperback
i never read a self help book before but the title caught my eye and then i couldn't put it down because it helped me to understand just what's been going on in my life all these years. i only wish i had this book 20 years ago. great read. i highly recommend it to anyone living in today's world.

dr. lita's writing is to be admired for her directness, easy comprehension and above all intensely pertinent content.